Who is ribbons?

Ribbons is a small boutique catering to anyone experiencing hair loss or in need of post breast surgical products.  We provide a full range of wigs, hairpieces, post mastectomy products, and compression garments.

Why should I trust you?

On staff we have two  Licensed Cosmetologists and a Certified Mastectomy Fitter  with over 25 years of experience. Ribbons has also successfully completed a rigorous process to earn Medicare accreditation.

Why shouldn't I just go online?

A website can not match the caring, professional, and courteous nature of our employees. Our licensed cosmetologists are able to custom design a wig for you;  providing  comprehensive guidance from your initial diagnosis.  

What does ribbons offer?

  • Private wig consultation
  • Wigs and hairpieces (custom fit, cut, color)
  • Hats, head wraps, scarves 


  • Private post breast surgery fitting/consultation
  • Post mastectomy recovery garments
  • Pocketed bras
  • Breast prosthetics
  • Swim forms
  • Pocketed bathing suits
  • Pocketed fashion camisoles and t-shirts

Wigs seem complicated...

Click here for a step-by-step wig tutorial

Does my insurance cover any of this?

Wigs, are not usually covered by insurance.

  • Medicare does not cover wigs.       
  • Aetna is the only carrier that may cover a wig.
  • The "Blues" cover wigs on a case by case basis, we are considered an out of network provider for the "Blues".  You will need to pay Ribbons directly and submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Post Mastectomy products are usually covered.

  • Medicare covers one breast prosthetic every two years and bras as outlined by doctor. 
  • Aetna usually covers one breast prosthetic every two years and 4 bras per year.   
  • "Blues" coverage depends on your individual plan.  We are an "out of network" provider for the "Blues".  You will need to pay Ribbons directly and submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do I need a "script"?

Yes.   If we are processing post mastectomy products  through your insurance , or you are submitting to your insurance, you need a doctors script, with the following four things:

  1. Right or Left breast prosthetic
  2. Specific number of post mastectomy bras
  3. Diagnosis code
  4. Doctors signature. No stamps!

If we are processing a wig through insurance, the script needs to include the cranial prosthetic code and the diagnosis code. 

How do I process these with my insurance?

Ribbons processes Medicare and Aetna as an "in network" provider. We are an "out of network" provider for the "Blues". We can provide the necessary paperwork for you to submit your claim. As always, it is your responsibility to know the details of your insurance plan.