Step 1

Call to make an appointment for a private consultation.  We have a private back room where we keep most of our wigs.  An appointment is recommended so we can ensure that the room is available and that we have ample time to spend with you.  

Step 2

Our licensed cosmetologists meet with you in our private back room.  After donning a wig cap, we try on a few different wig styles that match your current style.  Once the style is selected, we color match to your real hair.  Then we order your wig.  We ask for a $50 deposit (non-refundable) that will be applied to the cost of your wig. Your selected wig usually arrives within a week. 

Step 3

When your wig arrives, we will call you to schedule a follow up appointment.  During this appointment we will  teach you how to put on and care for your new wig. We are also able to trim or shave the rest of your hair.  If you are not quite ready for that, you can make another appointment at a later date and we will take care of you.  

Step 4

When your hair starts growing back, we are happy to cut or shape your hair.   If you have any questions, please contact us. 

**The initial consultation, hair trim, shave and follow up appointments are included in the cost of your wig.**